The Art of Making Ma Doudou Rum

Discover St. Maartens locally made rum at Ma Doudou. The name is an endearing Creole patois term meaning my darling. Owner Fabienne Burgaliere demonstrates the process of making rum, beginning with pouring the syrup into unmarked glass bottles. This is followed by adding flavors like ginger and cinnamon and various fruits that come from the Dominican Republic. Burgaliere explains that by using fruits from the Caribbean, the produce and spices are blended together to create an indigenous flavor unique to the island. After the essential rum is added to the fruits and the syrup, the bottles are stored outdoors for two to three months. This aspect is central to the process because the sunlight allows the fruits to fully give off their essence and infuse the rum (a feature that darkened enclosed storage does not provide). Once the bottles are stored and the rum begins acquiring its flavor, the next step is labeling. Burgaliere demonstrates how to paint blue and white sailboats onto the bottles to establish a one-of-a-kind look for each label.

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