Painting in Paradise – Sir Roland Richardson

Meet St. Martins first native-born artist, Sir Roland Richardson, nicknamed the Father of Caribbean Impressionism. For 40 years, this well-respected artist has created his colorful images en plein air using a classic mid-19th century method. From within his eponymous gallery, Sir Roland describes his influences and what makes this island the ideal location for his inspirations. Roland discusses how St. Martin’s position at the center of the globe exposes it to maximum sunlight, creating the intense, saturated color that Roland then transfers to canvas. Focusing mainly on nature, he veers away from man-made subjects and instead, takes what hes learned from nature and applies it to human beings. Sir Richard explores the relationship between the artist and the subject and finds that contrary to popular notion, subjects attract the artists who depict them. Defining inspiration as when “spirit” enters someone, he draws on his love for color and his passion for spontaneity in every one of his pieces.

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